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If you can imagine the most warm and organic sound you've ever heard, then imagine that the same sound is a huge worshipper of America's folk alt religion and, at some point, glided across the floor of a Northern cotton mill, then you've got 'The Slow Show' in one. Or, if a little easier, Manchester's most un-Manchester like five piece.

As a result, 'The Slow Show' are a band who certainly redefine what is it to be an up and coming Mancunian troupe, gone are the days of parkas and Madchester swagger, in replacement for a collection of refreshing and cinematic charged songs that simply grow and find a way into your consciousness. Having already gained a heap of support and acclaim in such a short space of time, we predict big for things for 'The Slow Show' FunkyMoped Blog.

After being picked by BBC Introducing they supported Elbow on Jo Whiley’s BBC Radio 2 Live in Concert at Manchester Cathedral in 2011.

They released their EP 'Brother', in May 2012, displaying more of their inventive instrumentation and touching songwriting. Following rave reviews the EP was picked up by many UK and European radio stations. The songs 'Brother' and 'God only Knows' were championed by Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson and others.

The band appeared live on Radio 2's Dermot O'Leary Show and Radio 4's Loose Ends then following their successful tour selling out venues in Switzerland, Germany and France they returned to the news that they had been picked by Dermot O’Leary as “ones to watch” in the Telegraph and also to appear on his Sony Music compilation release Saturday Sessions 2013 with their cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’.

The Slow Show released their ‘Brother’ EP on their own label last May, and the title track is a real standout. It comes over you like a warm blanky - a song to listen to whilst sat by an open fire, snuggled up with a hot toddy, staring out the window at the driving rain. A beautiful piano intro is followed by a haunting violin, and Goodwin croons, “let’s go back to football fields, and backyard alleyways, before God let you down boys, and took your life away”. Clash Music 2012

Rob Goodwin’s voice might have one of the greatest potentials from a British singer in a very long time and although what he does with his voice is very beautiful there are boundaries that would be wonderful to hear that voice pushed to. A good solid build up, to a highly anticipated album. Music News Dec 2012

In January 2013 The Slow Show found out they had their track ‘Northern Town’ has been placed in upcoming LionsGate movie GHOSTS released in January 2014.

"The Slow Show are Manchesters finest new export music for the heart and soul" Steve White (drummer Paul Weller, The Who, The Style Council)


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10th May, 2014 Hallé St Peters - Manchester SOLD OUT
7th August, 2014 Haldern Pop Festival - Haldern(DE) SOLD OUT
6th September, 2014 Sound Of Bronkow Festival - Dresden(DE) SOLD OUT
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8th September, 2014 Pension Schmidt - Munster(DE) SOLD OUT
9th September, 2014 Hauskonzerte - Munich(DE)
10th September, 2014 Roxy - Ulm(DE) Tickets
11th September, 2014 Kiff - Aarau(CH) Tickets
12th September, 2014 La Batie Festival - Geneva(CH) Tickets
19th September, 2014 Reeperbahn Festival (St Pauli Church), Hamburg (DE) Tickets
16th December, 2014 The Lexington, London Tickets



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Check out our latest EP 'Brother' available now

EP2 'Brother' Out now

Midnight Waltz EP cover


“ Just Beautiful ”


“ you can really enjoy the quality of these engaging, impressive and beautifully produced couple of tracks. It comes as no surprise that they are becoming firm favourites of Radio 2, for example, and are surely destined to become household names in the coming months.

The Slow Show are the kind of band that stop you in your tracks and make you listen. They have a unique sound and quality to them for a British act, and can have a profound effect that can cause unexpected moments of mass emotion”


“ All in all in their hour and half set there isn’t one bum note or duff song it might as well be a greatest hits set. Its amazing how grounded the band are despite their evident musical confidence. As long as they keep writing brilliant songs like this it won’t be long before they hit the big time. ”


“ To make comparisons, I’d say roughly their sound is the musical lovechild of Nick Cave’s The Ship Song with an Elbow freshly returned from an American road trip. Did that help? Without comparisons, I’d say they sound like a beautiful set of instrumental lines, gently tumbling down a green, grassy hill, working their way to a magnificent and emotional conclusion. Now how nice does that sound. ”


“ Having overcome the problem of having their drum kit nicked, The Slow Show were nothing short of amazing at Manchester Cathedral, supporting Elbow at their BBC Radio 2 gig and representing BBC Introducing in Manchester in the process. ”


“ Meanwhile, I heard this on the radio yesterday and it stopped me in my tracks; that doesn't happen often these days. ”


“....There’s a whiff of American alt-rock in The Slow Show’s sound. You’re transported to rhythms by Whiskeytown, Neil Young and The National as soon as the first chorus of ‘Mr Blue Tie’ rolls into its stride.

This says more about the band’s ambition and the kinship they feel towards this genre. Rather than some loose attempt at copying their influences. If this EP had been supplied by 4AD or Nonesuch, you wouldn’t be surprised...”

(High Voltage)

“...I just love how The Slow Show and their EP fly in the face of everything that’s deemed fashionable, its engaging, refined, beautifully produced and performed songs harking back to a time where Prefab Sprout and Deacon Blue were championed as song writers for the people. The Slow Show are more serious than even that, their themes and textures striking a chord that seems genuinely homegrown but imbued with an umissable quality. A very impressive and striking debut indeed...”

(Manchester Music - record of the month)

“...The term American does not halfway do the delicious piano and snare concoction on 'Falling Slow' justice, while Rob Goodwin' almost-but-not-quite faltering vocal only lends poignancy to the whole. ‘Mr Blue Tie’ finds a firmer voice altogether, joined by trumpet, in what appears to be characteristically understated fashion.

... whether you seek them out on iTunes or Myspace all bodes well for an interesting year... ”

(Chimp Magazine)